Ep 106: Controversial commerce: Exploring the Premier League’s Asian betting partners

The past year has seen a noticeable trend in English football which has caught a lot of public attention, that being an influx of ‘Asian betting partners’ into the Premier League, including Kaiyun Sports' front-of-shirt sponsorship deal with Nottingham Forest. 

SBC News Senior Journalist Ted Orme-Claye steps into the hosts chair to discuss Kaiyun Sports, Nottingham Forest and the many other sponsorship deals from Asian betting firms with football clubs in both England and the rest of Europe, and is joined by SBC Sponsorship Director George Harborne, and InsiderSport's Callum Williams to provide their expert insight on the topic. 

The guys discuss the realities and optics of betting sponsorships, why Asian bookmakers like to advertise on Premier League club's kits, the impact of governmental restrictions, the effects of COVID on club's sponsorship strategies, and how likely it is to see these deals become a thing of the past. 

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Host: Ted Orme-Claye
Guests: Callum Williams, George Harborne
Producer: Anaya McDonald
Editor: Anaya McDonald

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Ep 106: Controversial commerce: Exploring the Premier League’s Asian betting partners
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